Contacting Customer Services

There are a few ways to contact Customer Services for King of Avalon. This short guide will cover these ways and explain to you how to check for a Customer Services Reply.

In-Game Customer Services

To contact Customer Services in-game you will need to go into your Stronghold. Just in front of the waterfall, there will be a small notice board which you should tap on. This will open a window asking you if you want to Contact Support, Contact Mod or View FAQ.

Tapping on the Contact Support option will open up the below screen with options which will relate to your issue. It is essential you select the right options for your issue as this will make sure your problem reaches the correct Customer Support department to resolve your issue in the quickest time possible.

In addition to this method, you can also tap on your Lords Picture, Tap on Settings in the bottom left and tap “Game Help”. This will give you an option to “Contact a Mod”, which is ideal for general game help or “Contact Us” to get hold of Customer Services.

NOTE: If this is the first time you are contacting Customer Support for a new issue, be sure to navigate the options on screen and DO NOT USE THE BOX YOU CAN TYPE IN AT THE BOTTOM OF THE SCREEN OTHERWISE CUSTOMER SERVICES WILL NOT GET YOUR QUESTION(S).

Account Problems

If you have an issue with your account which may relate to a Lost / Stolen / Banned / Muted account, Issues with logging into an account, unable to switch an account or any other general account issues, this is the option you will need to use. If you are reporting a stolen/lost account you need to be sure to include the following information;

– Kingdom Number
– Stronghold Level
– Lord Name
– The language the game was set to
– Receipts for any purchases made on the account
– Picture used for Avatar (if it is not a default)
– Gold on the account
– DragonName / Level
– Last known successful login time/date

Payment Issue

If you have made a purchase but there is an issue with it, you will need to use this option. Payment problems include Items not being received, Incorrect Items received, Unable to top up, Misclicks, Double Charge, Subscription issues or any other payment related issues. If you are reporting a payment issue, it is absolutely essential you include the receipt of your purchase from your Emails. Without this, Customer Services are unable to investigate individual purchase issues.

Bug & Errors

If you are experiencing a Bug or Technical Error in the game, please use this option. This option will cover; Display Problems, Login Problems, Game Crashes/Freezes. An issue with Stats, Error Messages, Lost Items, Combat/Battle Issues, Event issues. If the bug you have doesn’t meet any of these you can always use the ‘Other Bug’ option.

Please be sure to include any screenshots which back up the bug or issue you are experiencing. Without screenshots, Customer Services may be limited on the help they are able to provide.

Game Help

If you require any game help you should select this option. It will, however, recommend the in-game FAQ section or advise you to contact an in-game Moderator. Should neither of these options provide you with answers you seek, you can send a message into Customer Support using this option.

Report Inappropriate Behavior

If you are experiencing inappropriate behavior in your region, you are able to use this option in Customer Support. Inappropriate behavior includes; Resource Selling, Purchasing of Illegal Resources, Bots, Inappropriate Messages, Inappropriate Avatars or Names, Payment Related Issues, Spamming, Moderator Complaints, and other generic complaints.

If you are reporting inappropriate behavior, please be sure to include supporting evidence in the form of screenshots.

Replies from Customer Support

After you have sent a message to Customer Support in-game, once you have received a reply you will get a notification above the message board in your Stronghold. It will look like the screenshot below. Tapping on the message board will then show a red dot in the top right corner where it says “Contact Us”. Tapping this will display Customer Supports reply to your query.

If you have waited for more than 24 hours for a reply and you do not see the notification, you can manually check for a response. To do this you will need to tap on the notice board and check the top right corner where the ‘Contact Us’ option should be. If you have a reply, their will be a small red dot on in the corner. You can also tap on ‘Contact Us’ to check for a reply, even if there is no red dot.

Replying to Customer Support Replies

Once you have received a reply from Customer Support you can respond easily using the box at the bottom. Do be aware there is a character limit in this box when responding so you may have to send a couple of shorter messages to reply with your full response. If the text changes from Black to Red, you will have exceeded the text limit. Once your message is inside the character limit you will need to tap on the small arrow-like icon on the right of the text box to send your reply to Customer Support.

Customer Support on Facebook

If you are a Facebook User, you will be able to visit the King of Avalon Facebook Page where you can send a message directly to Customer Support. The Link for the Facebook Page is; On this page, there is a ‘Send Message’ option (See bottom right of below screenshot) which will open up a Conversation between King of Avalon Customer Support and yourself just like any ordinary Facebook Messenger Conversation you would have with a friend.

It is important to understand that in every conversation you have with Customer Support via Facebook you must include your In-Game Name and Kingdom Number as a minimum so that support can help locate your account and help you out sufficiently.

The response time on Facebook is the same as the response time in-game. You will need to keep checking your Facebook Messages periodically for a reply from the KOA Customer Support Team.

Customer Support via Email

If you would prefer to contact Customer Support via Email the email address is; For any emails you send to Customer Support it is important you include your Region Number and In-Game Name as a minimum along with any supporting information and screenshots relating to your issue to speed up the resolution time to your issue.

Responses to emails are the same as the response times in-game and you will need to check for a response periodically if you don’t have a notification about incoming emails set up on your device.