Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How do I change Kingdom?

To change Kingdom, you will need to be Stronghold Level 5 or Below. Your account will also need to be no older than 5 days old. If you meet these parameters, you will notice you have 2 Beginner Teleports in your Items. You will need to go to the Kingdom you wish to move to by going to map view. In map view, you will see a small magnifying glass in the bottom middle next to your co-ordinates. Tap on the magnifying glass, and enter in the Kingdom # you wish to join and “Go To”. Once you can see the Kingdom, you can tap anywhere and tap “Join Kingdom”.

How can I change Kingdom after HQ Level 5?

At the moment, after you go higher than Stronghold 5, changing Kingdom is not possible. You will need to make a new account and join the Kingdom you wish to join.

How often do new Kingdoms open?

New Kingdoms open automatically when the previous Kingdom hits a set capacity. The capacity calculations are not known as these are set by the developers of the game.

How can I change in-game avatar?

If you wish to change your Lord Avatar to another Default or your own Customer Avatar, tap the top left corner where your current Avatar is, then in your initial Lord Profile where you can see your Equipment, tap on “More Info”. This will take you to an additional Lord Profile screen. At the bottom middle of the screen will be a circle type icon with arrows. You can click here to access your Avatar Settings, Upload a new one or Revert to a Default. It can take up to 72 Hours (3 Days) to have a Custom Avatar Approved.

Whats the best troop type for gathering?

The troops which are best for Gathering are Siege. (Siege Workshop Building). This is because they have a larger troop load and you can send less of them to tiles to clear the tile, minimising risk should your tile be attacked. Sending a full march of Siege Troops to your Alliance Gathering Tile is a great way to get lots of resources!

How can I contact Customer Services?

There are 3 ways to contact Customer Services. These are;
– In-Game, using the small “Help & Support” board near your Stronghold.
– Email, using the email address;
– Facebook, Using the ‘Send Message’ option at the top of the KOA Facebook Page

When do higher level Monsters appear?

Monsters appearing on the map is based on the Kingdoms Age. New Monsters will appear approximately every 10-14 days. The highest level Monster in the game at present is Level 35.

When do higher level Barbarian Camps appear?

Barbarian Camps are tied to the level of Monsters which appear on the Kingdom Map. For example;
– Monster Lv.12 = Barbarian Camp Lv.12
– Monster Lv.15 = Barbarian Camp Lv.15
– Monster Lv.18 = Barbarian Camp Lv.18
– Monster Lv.21 = Barbarian Camp Lv.21
– Monster Lv.24 = Barbarian Camp Lv.24
– Monster Lv.27 = Barbarian Camp Lv.27
– Monster Lv.30 = Barbarian Camp Lv.30
– Monster Lv.33 = Barbarian Camp Lv.33

Level 33 Barbarian Camps are currently the highest available.

What are the 9 step for Lucky Shot?

The steps to uncover the entire Lucky Shot board are;
– Step 1: 1 Lucky Shot Coin
– Step 2: 2 Lucky Shot Coins
– Step 3: 3 Lucky Shot Coins
– Step 4: 6 Lucky Shot Coins
– Step 5: 10 Lucky Shot Coins
– Step 6: 19 Lucky Shot Coins
– Step 7: 34 Lucky Shot Coins
– Step 8: 61 Lucky Shot Coins
– Step 9: 110 Lucky Shot Coins

– Total: 246 Lucky Shot Coins

What are the 9 step for Fortune Teller Board?

The steps to uncover the entire Fortune Tellar board are;
– Step 1: Free
– Step 2: 1 Tarot Stone
– Step 3: 2 Tarot Stones
– Step 4: 4 Tarot Stones
– Step 5: 8 Tarot Stones
– Step 6: 16 Tarot Stones
– Step 7: 32 Tarot Stones
– Step 8: 64 Tarot Stones
– Step 9: 128 Tarot Stones

– Total: 255 Tarot Stones


Alliance Questions

How can I take over my alliance from an Inactive Leader?

If you have an inactive R5 in your Alliace and they have been inactive for 7 or more days, you are able to takeover leadership for a cost of 2000 Gold. To do this, you need to be an R4 in your alliance, and go into the “Manage” option in the Alliance Interface. In here, as long as the alliance leader has been offline for at least 7 days, you should see a “Apply for Leadership” option. Triggering this, will promote you to R5.

How many members can an Alliance have?

When you first create an alliance you will only be able to accept 50 members. As you grow, you can research Alliance Tech to increase the membership capacity to a maximum of 100 members.

How do I trade with Alliance Members?

If you want to trade resources with an alliance member, you will need to tap on your allies Stronghold in Kingdom View, and you will be able to tap on ‘Trade’. In this screen you will be able to select a resource to send to your alliance member. Your alliance member will need a Trading Post for you to send trades. To reduce the tax on trades you send, you will need a higher level Trading Post yourself.

What can I trade with Alliance Members?

You are able to send all 4 of the basic resources (Food, Wood, Iron and Silver).

I recently joined an Alliance and I cannot do Portal. Howcome?

To be able to take part in the Portal battles, you must have been a member of the Alliance you are in for at least 48 hours (2 Days).

We have inactive members in the alliance, we want to move them. How do we do this?

To remove alliance members out of your Alliance Boundary, you will need to attack them, alot. If you “Scout” the player you want to force teleport, you will there Wall Defenses. This will need to be depleated to 0 before the player will randomly teleport. Each time you attack the player there base will burn for an additional 30 minutes. So if you attack a base 6 times, it will burn for 3 hours. If the player is a high level player it can take some time to be able to remove them. Keep “Scouting” the player, to check there defense levels periodically and attack again if necessary.

What Alliance Level is needed to unlock the Portal?

Your alliance will need to be Level 5 to be able to build the Portal. An R4 or above member can place it.

Can you skip Portal Levels?

No. You will need to kill the previous boss in the Portal to be able to fight the next boss. After each fight there is a 48 hour cooldown and you will need to donate 180 Portal Dust again between the alliance.

How do I claim weekly donation rewards?

As long as you meet the weekly donation criteria, to claim the weekly donation rewards, you will need to tap on ‘Alliance’ -> ‘Donation’ and at the top right corner of the screen will be a ‘Donations Reward’ button. This will send your weekly rewards to your mail box.


Development Questions

How do I increase my March Capacity?

To be able to increase your March Capacity you can use the University under the Combat option, Upgrade your Stronghold or use March Capacity Buffs by tapping on your Stronghold, Tapping City Buffs, and under the Combat option, you can Find March Capacity. If you already have some March Capacity Items in your Backpack they will be used prior to being able to purchase boosts with Gold.

How do I increase my Rally Capacity?

To be able to increase your Rally Capacity, you will need to level up your Hall of War. However, the caveat here is, you cannot build a Hall of War until you have your Stronghold at Level 7. You will be required to use Book of War to upgrade your Hall of War to further increase your Rally Capacity. Your total Rally Capacity will be the combination of your March Capacity and Rally Capacity.

How can I speed up my Resource Gathering Speed?

They’re a few ways you can achieve this. Firstly, if you assign your Dragon’s Guardian Points into the specific resources gather speed increase bonus, the march you send to a tile to gather which is accompanied by your Dragon, will have an increased resource gathering speed for that specific resource. Secondly, you can place talent in the Economic Talent Tree for increased gathering speed for various resources providing you have enough talent points to reach the resource you need. You can also get Gathering Equipment, which as long as you are wearing it, whilst you send out your marches to tiles, you will gain a gather boost. Once your marches have reached the tiles, you can swap out the gear and the boost will remain in place. Finally you may come across 8 or 24 hour Gathering Speed Boosts. You can find these in your Items bag or you can tap on your Stronghold and “City Buffs” and under Merlin Heading you will see Gathering Speed. Tap on here and you can use your Gathering Speed items or pay a little gold for a speed increase.

How can I speed up my Construction Time?

Construction Time can be sped up a few ways. The most common way is using Generic Speedups or Construction Specific Speedups. You will get these as rewards from various tasks in games, from the Alliance Honor Store and you can also get them from in game bundles. Additionally, you can do Research at the University under the Development Section which will help you speed up your Construction Speed. Finally, you can get equuipment which will have Construction Speed Up Bonuses on. If you wear this equipment whilst starting new builds, you will gain the reduced construction time.

How can I speed up my Research Time?

Research Time can be sped up using Generic Speedups or Research specific speedups. In addition you are also able to research Research Speed under the Development Section of the University.

How can I speed up my Troop Training Time?

Troop Training Speed can be increased using research in the Development Section of the University. You are also able touse Generic Speedups or Troop Training Speedups to speed up existing troop training.

How do I unlock the 1 Day Vault Scheme?

To unlock the 1 Day Vault Scheme, which is the best return if you use it on a daily basis, you will need to top up gold or purchase a bundle. This excludes daily deals

How do I increase the amount of troops I can train at one time?

To increase your troop training capacity, the primary method is to level up your Military Tents. The higher the level of your Military Tents and the more you have the more troops you will be able to train. Additionally, you can also place talent points into the Balance section of Lord Talents and you will significantly increase your troop training capacity. Finally, you will also be able to use the ability of a few Heroes to increase the capacity as long as you have them appointed to your Hero Council


The Great Hall/Throne Questions (KvK)

What is the Great Hall/Throne?

The Great Hall/Throne is the large structure in the center of the Kingdom Map. This will be used for Kingdom vs Kingdom.

How often is KvK?

KvK is every 2 weeks. After the first King has been appointed, the timer may not be exactly 2 weeks as it is set up by the servers to be at a set time (10.00am UTC+0 Saturday).

Can I pass King to another player?

Yes. The R5 of the alliance which captures the Great Hall/Throne is able to pass on the King to another member of the alliance. After a 2 hour period has passed after a successful capture of the Great Hall/Throne, passing King status is no longer possible.

What does protected status mean?

Protected Status means the Great Hall/Throne has been claimed and will be protected until the next KvK. The timer counts down until the next KvK. Once KvK start, the King status is sent back to the Great Hall/Throne until a new King is appointed.

What does Challenge status mean?

Challange Status will indicate the time remaining until the current player(s) holding the Great Hall/Throne will claim it. If the timer expires, the alliance will claim the Great Hall/Throne. If you wish to challenge for it, whilst the challenge status is active, you are able to attack the alliance holding it.

During KvK, How can I claim the Great Hall/Throne

You will need to send a march to the Great Hall/Throne. Once this has been done, you can have other alliance members reinforce the Great Hall/Throne making it harder for other alliances to capture it from you. However, if different alliances/kingdoms hold the towers compared to the alliance holding the Great Hall/Throne, the towers will periodically attack the Great Hall/Throne killing troops in the Great Hall/Throne making it easier for other alliances to try and take the Great Hall/Throne.

What is the Yellow/Gold Shield on the Great Hall/Throne during KvK?

The Yellow/Gold shield will appear when you hold another kingdoms Great Hall/Throne. Whilst you are holding another kingdoms Great Hall/Throne, your home region is safe from other kingdoms Invaders. However, alliances in your home Kingdom, can still contest the Towers and the Great Hall/Throne so be careful!

Should you lose control of another Kingdoms Great Hall/Throne, the golden/yellow shield will be removed from your home kingdoms Great Hall/Throne and be open to attack from any attackers


Event Questions

How often is the Gold Event?

The gold event is every other week. After the Kill Event (Sunday), there will be a week of no gold event.

What is the order of Gold Event?

The current order of the Gold Event is;
– Monday: Gather Stage
– Tuesday: Upgrade/Research Stage
– Wednesday: Monster Kill Stage
– Thursday: Troop Training Stage
– Friday – Kill Stage (3 Days)

How often do top up events happen?

Top up events are at the developers discretion. There is no known schedule for them. When they appear you will be able to tap an icon below your gold, in-game and you will see the top up events.

What is the Golem?

The Golem appears every week on Friday Nights server reset (00.00 UTC+0). Once it appears you can attack it 10 times which will reward you with Lord Experience based on how much damage you can do to it. You have a full 24 hours to attack the Golem and on the Server Reset of Saturday Night (00.00 UTC+0) the Golem will disappear for another week. If you have come in the top 100 for damage ranks, you will receive an additional reward. All Lords who took part in the Golem battle will also receive 5x Noble Keys & 10x Round Table Hero Fragments as a reward regardless of your Damage Ranking.

How often does the Dragon Knight Arena happen?

Similar to the Gold Event, the Dragon Knight Arena happens every second week.

When are the Dragon Knight Arena rewards given out?

As soon as the event finishes on Sunday night Server Reset at 00.00 UTC+0 if you are eligible for rewards they will be immediately sent to you via ingame mail.

What is the Fallen Knights?

The Fallen Knights is an alliance event which happens every 2 weeks. It lasts for 2 hours once an R4/5 member of your alliance starts the event. There will be 20 waves of attackers which will attack your Stronghold and Alliance Fortress. The waves get progressively more difficult. The idea is to defend as many Strongholds as you can without failing. If your Stronghold or a Stronghold you are reinforcing fails to defeat 50% of the incoming attackers per wave, you will lose that round. If you lose two rounds, you will no longer be attacked. You can still reinforce other alliance member to still get points though! The more points, the better.

Are their differtent types of Fallen Knight Waves?

Yes, their absolutely is.

– Waves 1-6 will attack all player Strongholds
– Wave 7 will attack a set amount of players as a “Rally Wave”. These waves have increased amounts of incoming attackers.
– Waves 8 &amb; 9 will attack all player Strongholds
– Wave 10 will attack the Alliance Fortress Only. Players should garrison the Stronghold with the player who has the largest Rally Capacity garrisoning the Stronghold first.
– Waves 11 – 13 will attack player Strongholds
– Wave 14 is another rally wave like Wave 7 and attacks specific people. Reinforce the targets.
– Waves 15 &amb; 16 will attack player Strongholds.
– Wave 17 is the final rally wave. Will target specific people, reinforce them!
– Wave 18 &amb; 19 – will attack all players
– Wave 20 will attack the Alliance Fortress only! Garrison the Fortress.

The event will be over after all 20 waves or after every player has failed to defend twice. Which ever comes first.

Will I be able to use a shield for Fallen Knights?

Unfortunately, No. Shields are not effective for Fallen Knights. This is an alliance event and no troops will be lost even if you fail to defend a round. Any troops which are wounded go to your hospital and will need to be healed. The amount of troops is minimal and should not impact your overall gameplay.

How can I increase my chances of Survival in the Fallen Knights?

If you are unsure you will be able to survive all waves of the Fallen Knights, any defense or attack buffs you can apply to your Stronghold will count towards your stats for this event.


Item Questions

What can I do with left over Equipment Fragments?

At present, there is not much you can do with leftover Equipment Fragments. It has been suggested that there be a way to either dispose of them, hide them, or swap them for resources. Whether this is implemented later, is down to the Development Team.

How can I get Gift Envelopes?

To get Gift Envelopes, you will need to purchase the Alliance Pack 5 ($99.99) or the Alliance Teleport Pack ($49.99). At the moment, these are the only way to obtain them.

How can I get Rare Materials?

Rare Materials can be obtained in various ways. The easy option is to buy them. Each one will cost you 6,400 Gold. Alternatively, you will be able to get between 1 and 3 Rare Material Crate Fragments from Bonus Level 6 and Level 7 Barbarian Chests. You can also get them from the Magic Spire at a limit of 8 per day provoding you have enough Crystals. They are also available bundles and in daily deals which can be purchased with real money.


Player vs Player Questions

How can I see how many troops other people have?

To be able to see how many troops another Lord has, you will need to tap on the Stronghold of that Lord, and tap “Scout”. This will send a scout to the base to get intel on that Lord. It is important to remember, you will only see how many troops the Lord has inside their Stronghold, if they have any troops out gathering etc, you will not see these in the report. The higher the level of you Watchtower, the more accurate the information will be.

If my troops are attacked why gathering, are they wounded or killed?

Unless your Hospitals are at Maximum Capacity, your troops will go to your Hospitals as “Wounded”. Be sure to keep your troops, healed!

How long does a players Stronghold burn for after an attack?

Upon each successful attack on another Lords base, their Stronghold will burn for 30 minutes. For each successive attack, their Stronghold will burn for an additional 30 minutes. There is no limit to how long a base can burn for, unless the player comes online, and extinguishes the fire.

What is Merlins Concern after you get attacked?

If you suffer from a heavy loss, Merlin will send you a support package. The package you receive is based on how much battle power you lose. Once you get help from Merlin, there will be a cooling off period before you are entitled to more support. This is to prevent this functionality being abused.

How often can I get Merlins Concern?

Depending on the amount of Power you lose depends on how long you have to wait until you are entitled to another Generals Backup Package. This is to prevent abuse of this functionality.