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Equipping Gemstones is a way of improving the stats on your equipment in King of Avalon. Depending on the gear you have equipped will depend on the number of gems you are able to insert into your gear. This guide will discuss the Gemstone Armory Interface, Activating Tomes, Crafting Gemstones and how to upgrade them.

Accessing the Gemstone Armory

To be able to enter your Gemstone Armor you are going to want to tap on your Forge. Once you tap on the Forge one of the options will be “Gemstone Armory”. This is the option you need to select. Doing this will bring up the screen below.

Using the Gemstone Armory

The first thing you will see in your Gemstone Armory is all crafted equipment you have on the left side which has gem slots. Tapping on the gem slot on a piece of equipment will show you all available Gems you have for that slot. Tapping on the Gems under the “Gemstones” heading will allow you to Embed or Remove Gemstones from their current slots.

In addition to this, you are also able to upgrade your Gemstones providing you have enough Gemstone Essence.

Crafting Gemstones – Activating Tomes

Crafting High Tier Gemstones is a multi-step process. The first step requires you to “Activate” the Gemstone Tome. This is done by tapping on the tome in under the “Gemstone Tome” heading. Doing this will show how many Arcana’s you need.

The screenshot above shows you need 100 “Chaos Arcana” to activate the “Basic Chaos Gem”. If you have multiple Gems of the same shape/type, you will not need to activate the tome each time. Once a tome has been activated, that will always be available for you.

The activation requirements for different gems can vary, so it is important you pay close attention to the activation requirements. At the time of writing this guide, you have “Advanced Chaos Arcana” and “Chaos Arcana”. Please be mindful which gems require which Arcana Type.

Crafting Gemstones – Making the Gem

Now that you have activated the Gemstone Tome, you are able to craft the Gem. Crafting the Gemstone will require Gemstone Essence. You can see how much Gemstone Essence is required above where the activation requirements were.

Once you have enough Gemstone Essence you will be able to press the “Craft” option and you will now have your new Gemstone. The craft option will appear where the “Activate Tome” option is in the above screenshot.

Getting Gemstone Essence

If you have old Gemstones you no longer need you are able to dismantle these into Gemstone Essence. This will enable you to upgrade newer gems. To do this you want to open the Gemstone Armory from your Forge which is outlined above. You will then want to tap on the small [+] icon in the top left corner.

Tapping on the [+] icon will bring you to the Dismantle screen where you will be able to select the Gemstones you wish to convert to Gemstone Essence.

In this screen, you will have the option to “Quick Select” which will select all available gems in this window automatically and you can then tap “Dismantle” and you will receive the essence which is displayed in the left screen. Alternatively, you can individually select what you would like to convert if you want to keep other gems.

Other ways of receiving Gemstone Essence is through in-game events and purchasing Packs in the game which provide Gemstone Essence. All Packs can be seen here.

Upgrading Gems

Now that getting Gemstone Essence has been covered, upgrading your Gemstones is the next step. If you go to the Gemstone Armory and select the Gear and Gem you want to upgrade you will get a screen which looks like this.

It is here you need to select the Gemstone under the “Gemstones” heading and then select the blue “Upgrade” option. This will bring up a pop-up window which displays the new stats you will get once upgraded along with the number of Gemstone Essence you require for the upgrade.

Where you can see the stats, the information can be scrolled to see all of the stats and not just a single stat. Once you have confirmed this is the upgrade you wish to do, simply tap on the green “Upgrade” option.

This is a one-way process and reversing a single upgrade is not possible. The only way to reverse an upgrade would be to completely dismantle the Gemstone and start again. This will return most of the Gemstone Essence used.


I hope this guide has helped you.