Hall of War Requirements

Building Requirements 1 Requirements 2 Build Time
Hall of War 1 Stronghold 7 Wood x312 00:00:07
Hall of War 2 Embassy 2 Wood x437
Book of War x1
Hall of War 3 Embassy 3 Wood x656
Book of War x2
Hall of War 4 Embassy 4 Wood x1,050
Book of War x5
Hall of War 5 Embassy 5 Wood x1,790
Book of War x10
Hall of War 6 Embassy 6 Wood x3,210
Book of War x11
Hall of War 7 Embassy 7 Wood x6,100
Book of War x12
Hall of War 8 Embassy 8 Wood x12,200
Book of War x13
Hall of War 9 Embassy 9 Wood x24,400
Book of War x14
Hall of War 10 Embassy 10 Wood x48,800
Book of War x15
Hall of War 11 Embassy 11 Wood x94,100
Iron x990
Book of War x16
Hall of War 12 Embassy 12 Wood x171,000
Iron x3,800
Book of War x17
Hall of War 13 Embassy 13 Wood x288,000
Iron x10,160
Book of War x18
Hall of War 14 Embassy 14 Wood x453,000
Iron x22,800
Book of War x19
Hall of War 15 Embassy 15 Wood x657,000
Iron x43,800
Book of War x20
Hall of War 16 Embassy 16 Wood x877,000
Iron x75,200
Book of War x21
Hall of War 17 Embassy 17 Wood x1,020,000
Iron x118,400
Silver x4,230
Book of War x22
Hall of War 18 Embassy 18 Wood x1,150,000
Iron x182,800
Silver x11,450
Book of War x23
Hall of War 19 Embassy 19 Wood x1,240,000
Iron x278,000
Silver x23,150
Book of War x24
Hall of War 20 Embassy 20 Wood x1,250,000
Iron x418,000
Silver x41,650
Book of War x25
Hall of War 21 Embassy 21 Wood x1,130,000
Iron x618,000
Silver x70,500
Book of War x26
Hall of War 22 Embassy 22 Wood x759,000
Iron x910,000
Silver x114,000
Book of War x27
Hall of War 23 Embassy 23 Wood x1,030,000
Iron x1,128,000
Silver x179,500
Book of War x28
Hall of War 24 Embassy 24 Wood x1,390,000
Iron x1,382,000
Silver x276,500
Book of War x29
1d 00:20:00
Hall of War 25 Embassy 25 Wood x1,870,000
Iron x1,680,000
Silver x420,000
Book of War x30
1d 05:12:00
Hall of War 26 Embassy 26 Wood x2,520,000
Iron x2,020,000
Silver x630,000
Book of War x31
1d 11:02:24
Hall of War 27 Embassy 27 Wood x3,410,000
Iron x2,400,000
Silver x940,000
Book of War x32
1d 18:02:53
Hall of War 28 Embassy 28 Wood x4,600,000
Iron x2,760,000
Silver x1,380,000
Book of War x33
2d 02:27:28
Hall of War 29 Embassy 29 Wood x6,200,000
Iron x3,720,000
Silver x1,860,000
Book of War x34
2d 12:32:58
Hall of War 30 Embassy 30 Wood x8,370,000
Iron x5,020,000
Silver x2,510,000
Book of War x35
3d 00:39:33
Hall of War 31 Embassy 31 Wood x10,540,000
Iron x5,020,000
Silver x2,510,000
Book of War x36
3d 12:46:08
Hall of War 32 Embassy 32 Wood x12,710,000
Iron x5,020,000
Silver x2,510,000
Book of War x37
4d 00:52:43
Hall of War 33 Embassy 33 Wood x14,880,000
Iron x5,020,000
Silver x2,510,000
Book of War x38
4d 12:59:18
Hall of War 34 Embassy 34 Wood x17,050,000
Iron x5,020,000
Silver x2,510,000
Book of War x39
5d 01:05:53
Hall of War 35 Embassy 35 Wood x19,220,000
Iron x5,020,000
Silver x2,510,000
Book of War x40
5d 13:12:28
Hall of War 36 Embassy 36 Wood x19,412,200
Iron x5,070,200
Silver x2,535,100
Book of War x50
6d 18:30:48
Hall of War 37 Embassy 37 Wood x19,606,322
Iron x5,120,902
Silver x2,560,451
Book of War x60
8d 06:15:58
Hall of War 38 Embassy 38 Wood x19,802,385
Iron x5,172,111
Silver x2,586,055
Book of War x70
10d 01:53:04
Hall of War 39 Embassy 39 Wood x20,000,408
Iron x5,223,832
Silver x2,611,915
Book of War x80
12d 07:05:56
Hall of War 40 Embassy 40 Wood x20,200,412
Iron x5,276,070
Silver x2,638,034
Book of War x90
15d 00:01:14