Hero Council Guide!


The Hero Council plays an integral part in your Strongholds Development as well as your combat ability. Once your Stronghold has reached Level 10, you will be introduced to the Hero Council. This guide will break down all of the features of the Hero Council and help you understand Heros in more details.

Summoning Circle

The first feature we shall cover is the Summoning Circle. This is the primary way you will be able to obtain Heroes. Once you tap on your Summoning Circle there will be three options. These are “Apprentice”, “Advanced” and “Master”. Two of these options will be always available but to be able to use the “Master” option you will need to Top up Gold or purchase a bundle to use it. Once you have done this it will always be available and you can then use Summoning Horns to use it.


This recruitment option will allow you to the chance to recruit regular Heroes. Regular Heroes are those of the Green quality. It is more than possible to get Regular Hero Fragments or even Hero Experience. Using the Apprentice Recruitment option will be available, for free, once every 8 hours. Between the free 8 hourly recruitment option, you will have to pay 200 Gold.
The first time you use gold, you are guaranteed a Regular Hero. However, if you already have all regular Heroes, you will get Regular Hero Fragments instead!


This recruitment option will allow you the chance to recruit both Regular (Green) and Rare (Blue) Heroes. As with the Apprentice option, you are also able to get Hero Fragments of both Regular and Rare qualities as well as Hero Experience. This option will be available to you every 24 hours for free. Should you decide you want to recruit whilst the cooldown is active, it will cost you 1000 Gold.

The first time you use gold, you are guaranteed a Rare Hero, but please be mindful that should you already have all Rare Heroes, you will receive fragments instead!


The Master Recruitment option is different from Apprentice and Advanced in the form that you can only use this option with Summoning Horns. If you have 30 or 270 Summoning Horns you will be able to use the Master Recruitment feature for a chance of Epic (Purple) / Master (Orange) Hero’s or Epic Hero fragments alongside Rare Heroes/Fragments and Hero Experience.
Using 30 Summoning Horns will allow you to do a single recruit. Using 270 Summoning Horns will allow you to recruit10 times, which is giving you 10 recruits for the price of 9. Once you make 10 Recruits using the Master function, you are guaranteed an Epic Hero. As with other recruitment functions, if you have all of the Epic Heroes, you will be given fragments of the Hero instead.

What are Fragments good for?

Fragments have multiple functions. The primary function is to be used to Recruit Heroes. If you do not manage to recruit a complete Hero you can use 20 Fragments to summon them instead. The second function of Hero Fragments is to upgrade the Prowess (Star) Level of you. The higher the Prowess Level you wish to upgrade too, the more fragments will be needed. Upgrading Heroes will be covered in more details later.

Hero Roster

The Hero Roster is where you will be able to Combine your fragments into full Heroes, Level up your Heroes and upgrade your Heroes Prowess Level. Once you tap on your Hero Council you will see the option “Hero Roster” this is the option you need to use to access this feature. Once you open the Roster, you will see any Heroes (if any) you currently have appointed and any partial Heroes you have fragments for at the bottom. You may need to scroll down to see these.

In the Hero Roster, you will also see the various roles of your different Heroes on the right-hand side. If you wish to see just a specific role, you can tap on the correct role name and the view will be refined.

View Hero Information

To be able to view more information on your Heroes, you will need to tap on them in the Roster View. Doing this will present you with a screen like the one in the screenshot below. As you can see, you are able to view the level of your Hero, the current/next level benefits, the current Prowess level, progress to the next Prowess Level and finally what the next Prowess levels benefits are.

Prowess benefits for 2 Stars and above are benefits and will not change regardless on your Heroes level. However, the initial benefits at the top will change each time you level your Hero.

Hero Council

The last function of the Hero Hall is called “Hero Council”. Tapping on this option will display the screen where you can assign Heroes to their respective roles. Only Heroes which have been appointed to their respective roles in this screen will apply to you. Other Heroes will no apply to your stats when you Attack, Defend, Gather or any other stats your Heroes have to offer. The other feature of this screen will show you all of your Heroes combined benefits.

In addition to this, the roles will only unlock once your Stronghold has reached specific levels. The grid below outlines the roles and the associated Stronghold level required.

SH Level Hero Position
Lv.10 Master Enforcer
High Constable
Lv.10 Master of Arms
Keeper of the Seal
Lv.10 Master of War
Master Herald
Lv.10 Master of Strategy
High Steward

Appointing Heroes

To appoint your Heroes you will want to be in the “Hero Council” section where you can see a breakdown of all 8 Hero roles. If you have a “Vacant” Hero Role and an available Hero to fill the role, you will see a green plus (+) icon in the top right corner of that roles display icon.

Tapping on the Vacant role will show you which Heroes you have available to appoint. Tapping on the available Heroes will show you there General Benefits and Prowess Benefits. Once you have reviewed your Heroes you will need to select the one you want and tap on “Appoint”. This Hero will now be assigned to your Hero Council.

If you wish to switch the Hero who is Appointed, you can simply tap onto the Hero you would like to appoint then tap the “Replace” button at the bottom of the screen. This will swap your Heroes and the benefits which are applied.

Leveling up Heroes

Leveling up your Heroes is critical to improving their efficiency. Depending on the quality of your Heroes will depend on how many times you are able to level them up. The higher the level of your Hero the better the primary benefits you will gain. It is ideal to understand the different benefits different Heroes provide as actively swapping them depending on what you are doing at the time, in-game will help you significantly.

As you play the game you will be able to get Hero Experience through various methods. To be able to use your Hero Experience, you will need to go to the “Hero Roster” option on your Hero Hall. From here you simply need to select the Hero you wish to level up, which will reveal all of that Heroes information. At the right of the top Experience Bar, you will see the Green plus (+) button. Tap this and you will be able to select the Hero Experience you wish to assign using the sliders. The progress bar will adjust to reflect how much experience you are adding along with the benefits gained.

Once you are happy with the experience you are adding, tap the green “Confirm” option. This will use up the experience you have decided to use. Do note; at the moment, you cannot revert this. Once you have added experience, it can not be reset.

In addition to this, depending on the quality of your Hero, Will depend on how many levels you are able to level your Hero.

Upgrading Hero Prowess

Hero Prowess is the stars you see when viewing your Hero information. To be able to upgrade your Prowess levels you must collect additional Hero Fragments and ensure your Hero is at least Level 10. The higher the Prowess Level you are trying to achieve, there will be an increase in the number of fragments required. Below is a grid which will show you how many fragments are required for each stage.

Quality Prowess Fragments
All 2 Star 40
All 3 Star 80
4 Star 160
5 Star 320
Orange 6 Star 400

You will want to open the “Hero Roster” option on your Hero Council building and select a Hero you would like to upgrade your Prowess Level on. If you are unsure how many Recruitment Fragments you have you can select the “Recruitment Fragments” option on the right underneath the role specific tabs.

Once you have selected your Hero you would like to upgrade, you should be able to see a Prowess progress bar below the Prowess Stars. Once this has been filled, with the required amount of Hero Fragments, you will be able to tap the small green up arrow next to the progress bar. This will increase your Prowess Level and as long as that Hero is assigned to a role in the Hero Hall, you will now gain the secondary Prowess Benefits based on Prowess Level.

Hope this guide has helped you understand Heroes some more!
Thanks for Reading!