Merlin’s Trials Guide


Merlins Trials are set trials you can attempt once you have reached Stronghold Level 15. There is a set challenge type for each day. These trials get progressively harder the further you progress. Completing trials will provide rewards, which get better the further you are.

Accessing Merlins Trials

Accessing Merlins Trials can be done through the Boat which is outside your Walls and next to your Parade Grounds.

Tapping on the Boat will open the Merlins Trials interface. Below is a short breakdown of which Trials occur on each day.

Sunday Hero Trials 144
Monday Equipment Trials 144
Tuesday Dragon Trials 144
Wednesday Combo Trials 144
Thursday Research Trials 112
Friday Gemstone Trials 144
Saturday Artifact Trials
Building Trials

Hero Trials

To be able to complete these Trials you will want to have a good set of War Heroes leveled up sufficiently and ideally with increased Prowess Levels. It is also important to understand that only the Heroes you have appointed will count towards the stats in this trial. Below you will see a screenshot of the Hero Council and the benefits the appointed Heroes have to offer.

Tip: As the trials don’t have a limit at how many times you can attempt them, you can go into your Hero Council and change out Heroes and try different combinations until you make progress.

Equipment Trials

Equipment has a major role in the game and the better the Equipment you have, generally the better the stats. With Equipment Trials, the stats which your items are tested.

It is important to understand that any non-combat stats such as Gathering Bonuses or Trap Bonuses are not used.

Tip: Gemstones which you have placed into your Equipment do not count towards stats used in Equipment Trials. It is purely Equipment Stats. This includes any Set Resonance and Enhancement Resonance Bonuses.

Dragon Trials

Your Dragon is a major component in your Combat Experience of King of Avalon. Correctly placing Assault & Guardian point on your Dragon will be the essential part to successfully passing Dragon Trials. The higher the level of your Dragon, the more times you will be able to upgrade your Dragon Skills to a max of 31 (32 with the Assault Scepter/Guardian Scepter Relics)

In addition to the level of your Dragon Skills, the enhancement level of your Dragons Skills will also be calculated into the stats used for this challenge.

Tip: Resetting your Dragon and placing Assault and Guardian Points only in the necessary skills and enhancing them skills with Intensity Crystals will help you progress a lot further in this challenge!

Combo Trials

This challenge will test a combination of your Equipment and Gemstone stats. Unlike the Equipment challenge, this one will include all of your Gemstones too. A good way to make a nice start on this challenge is to try and equip yourself with Valor Gems, and at least some Purple / Orange Equipment. Obviously, the better the Gemstones and Equipment the further though you will be able to progress. As with Equipment Trials, your Set and Enhancement Resonance bonuses will be included in this set of Trials

Tip: Obtaining Gems/Gem Fragments can be achieved through the Magic Spire, Lucky Shot, Spirit Store, Goods Exchange, Dragon Spirit Arena, Gold Event, In-Game Special Events or In-game purchasing. As additional updates are released there may be more ways to obtain them.

Research Trials

Possibly one of the harder Trials out of all Merlin’s Trials is the Research Challenge. The Research Trials take into consideration your COMBAT research. This means any research from the Combat and Combat II trees will provide contributions towards your stats.

Tip: Levelling up your University will allow you to research deeper into the Combat Trees. To be able to start Combat II you will need a University 26. Research can be a tedious task as some research can take time. Keeping up on research is essential not only for Merlins Trials but your overall gameplay in general.

Gemstone Trials

To be successful at this challenge you will need to ensure you have as many combat-focused Gemstones equipped as possible. To make a good start on these Trials you will want to focus on Valor Gems. Valor Gems provide a good start with all around troop specific stats and troop stats in general.

The upgrade from Valor Gems is Chivalry Gems then Soul Gems and finally Chaos Gems. You can get Soul Gem fragments from the Magic Spire, you can get all Valor, Chivalry & Soul Gem fragments from every stage of the Gold Event as well as other in-game events and Packs.

Tip: Many of the items you get from special events in-game, such as the Thanksgiving Turkeys, will give you basic Gems or Refining Gems quite often. Dismantle these in your Gemstone Armory to get Gemstone Essence to upgrade your existing gems.

Artifact Trials

This trial will focus entirely on your Artifacts. You can access the Artifacts screen by tapping on the Statue above the waterfall in your Stronghold. It is these Artifacts which will be tested in the trials. You are able to craft Green, Blue, and Purple quality Artifacts. In addition to this, you are also able to upgrade the purple quality Artifacts to Orange and then Golden. The higher quality Artifacts will get you further into the Trial Paths.

Tip: To help you craft Artifacts, you are able to get Holy Dust from the Lucky Shot. Lake Gravel & Enchanted Mist are obtainable through Royal Arena, Ultimate Alliance Conquest Individual Rewards, Ranking in the Top 100 of Dragon Spirit Arena as well as In-game packs and Daily Deals.

Building Trials

This challenge will focus on your Prestige Banner benefits and Prestige Statues. To be able to apply Prestige Banners to your buildings they will need to be at least level 15. To be able to apply Liberty Statues to your Stronghold, it will need to be at least level 16. As of the time of writing this guide, all buildings can only have Prestige Banners applied up to level 35.

Tip: Prestige Banners from the Magic Spire Store are quite cheap and if you are in an active alliance with a Spirit Altar, using the ‘The Wanderer’ spirit, you can get up to 3,575 Prestige Banners a week!

Merlins Trials Battle Report

Once you are either Victorious or Defeated in Merlins Trials you will always receive a Battle Report. Understanding the Battle Report is important for learning how to progress with the more difficult Trials. Below is an example battle report. In the Battle Report, you will clearly be able to see areas which need to be worked on and areas which are currently good with the Red or Green Arrows comparing stats between yourself on the left and the opponent on the right.

I hope this guide has helped you understand Merlins Trials!