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The Royal Arena was introduced into King of Avalon in Update 5.2.0 and is a way to test yourself against other Lords without losing any troops, and gaining a small number of resources whilst you take part.

The Royal Arena requires you to have a minimum Stronghold Level of 17 before you are able to participate.

How to access the Royal Arena

Near the bridge in the rural section of your Stronghold you will notice a tall building which looks like one below;

Tapping on the building will let you access the Royal Arena Interface which will be explained below in depth.

General Royal Arena Screen

The general screen for the Royal Arena will have various different things which you will need to understand. The first part is the “Ranking”. In the screenshot below you will see the rank Iron III. This rank will change depending on the number of Trophies you have.

The second part you will need to understand is the “Set Troops” option. This is where you can set your march composition you want to use for your Defending Troops. This means when other Lords in the Royal Arena go against you, your preset formation in the “Set Troops” option will be used. This formation can be changed.

Claim Screen

Every time you claim resources in Royal Arena ‘Claim’ screen, you will have a cooldown of 6 hours before you are able to claim again. Resources in this screen will cap out after the available resources reach 10 times the hourly production whereas Trophies will cap out at 12 times the hourly production. In the example above, once 108 Trophies have been generated, no more will generate. Resources can take longer to reach the cap due to them possibly being taken by other Lords in attacks.

Production Speed

The third part you will need to understand is the “Claim” screen which is on the right, in the above screenshot. This shows you the number of resources you will produce on an hourly basis. You will notice there is “Production Speed” which is how much resources you will produce on an hourly basis.

Protected Resources

This protection displays your maximum protected resources. During battles in the Royal Arena, any resources which exceed the protected amount will be able to be taken from other Lords.

Available Resources

This section shows the total amount of resources which have been produced. This number will vary as any battles you have lost in the Royal Arena, will take resources from this section providing it is above the Protected Resource allocations.


In the resources list, you will notice that Trophies are displayed as “Can’t be looted”. These are what you can claim after a minimum of 6 hours and will be added to your total Trophy count.

Loot Screen

This is the screen where you will take part in battles against other lords. You can refresh this screen up to a maximum of 6 times per day providing you defeat at least 4 Lords each time you refresh. If you are unable to defeat 4 Lords, there is a cooldown of 8 hours before you are able to manually refresh the list.

Looting Target

This section will show you the Rank, Avatar, Stronghold Level & Defending troops your opponent has. There are 5 targets per looting screen and you will have to scroll to see all of them.

Victory Rewards

This section will show you the rewards you will get for successfully looting/defeating your opponent. This includes trophies. Trophies will count towards increasing your Rank. As you progress, you will earn more trophies per fight. You can see a breakdown here


The loot option is what you will press to initiate a battle. You will only be able to battle with the same amount of troops you have set up as defending troops. You will be able to use a custom march formation based on your highest tier of troops you have unlocked. If you successfully defeat the Lord you will receive the resources and trophies displayed and “Loot Success” will be shown.

Battle Log Screen

The battle log will display all of the most recent battles which have taken place. This includes Defense Defeats, Defense Victories, and your Loot Log. Let’s break down each section below.

Defense Defeat Log

This section will show any Lords who have managed to defeat you when attacking. The troops that you have set up as ‘Defending Troops’ will be what your opponent has beaten. Any resources which were looted will be displayed in the middle of the Battle Log. There are 2 options you have on this screen.

Check Log

The first being the ‘Check Log’ option which will show you the Battle Report for the fight so you can see the opponents’ stats and troops used.


The second option is ‘Revenge’. This allows you to try and defeat the opponent who defeated you. If you are successful, you will receive the resources which were looted from you. If however, you are unsuccessful, you will get a ‘Revenge Cooldown’ of 10 minutes. This can be instantly cleared using gold. It is a maximum of 50 gold per reset on the Revenge, depending on how long is left on the revenge timer.

Defense Victory Log

This section of the Battle Log will allow you to see the battle reports for all fights you have successfully defended. Defense is when another Lord has failed to beat you in the ‘Looting’ screen.

Loot Log

For every fight you attempt in the Royal Arena, they will appear in this section. This will show you the rewards from fights if you won or let you know you failed. You will be able to see past battle reports of recent battles.

Ranking Screen

This screen will show you what your current rank is with the minimum amount of Trophies required for that rank. You will also be able to navigate between other ranks at the bottom of this screen to see other Trophy requirements. Let’s discuss this screen and show the rank requirements below.

Rank Rewards

This section will show you the daily rewards you can get for the associated rank you have selected at the bottom. You can scroll through the ranks and see the increase in rewards for each one.

In addition to this, you will also see Seasonal Rewards. For all ranks BELOW Diamond 1, you will receive 3 seasonal rewards. These are; Lake Gravel, Enchanted Mist & Emblem Essence. If you achieve Diamond I or above, you will also receive a time-limited accolade lasting 28 days.

Rank Production

This section will show you the number of trophies and resources you are able to produce per rank. Remember that resources will cap out at 10x the hourly production but if looted will continue to be produced until the 10x cap has been reached. Trophies will cap out at 12x the hourly production rate.

Rank Requirements


Rank Trophies Req Max Trophies (12hrs) Hourly Trophies
Iron 1 1,000 60 5
Iron 2 19,000 84 7
Iron 3 38,000 108 9
Bronze 1 57,000 132 11
Bronze 2 76,000 156 13
Bronze 3 96,000 180 15
Silver 1 116,000 204 17
Silver 2 137,000 228 19
Silver 3 158,000 252 21
Gold 1 179,000 276 23
Gold 2 201,000 300 25
Gold 3 223,000 324 27
Platinum 1 245,000 348 29
Platinum 2 268,000 372 31
Platinum 3 291,000 396 33
Diamond 1 315,000 420 35
Diamond 2 339,000 444 37
Diamond 3 363,000 468 39
Master 1 388,000 492 41
Master 2 413,000 516 43
Master 3 438,000 540 45